Rancho Santiago Community College District
Privacy Statement 2004

RSCCD shows consideration for your privacy and is committed to
protecting the personal information you give to us while using the services
provided for you on our website. RSCCD has established this privacy statement
to help you understand how we utilize this information and the means by which
we use to protect it.

Personal Information
Personal information is defined by RSCCD as information used to
uniquely identify a person or information used to contact an individual when
the individual has requested to be contacted. This information may include your
name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. In most cases, you can utilize
our website without specifying this information. However, if you use our online
registration services, submit a question to one of our district contacts, or
ask district personnel to contact you, this information is collected. RSCCD
does not collect information of children under the age of 13 unless submitted
by the parent/guardian with regards to “College for Kids” for Community
Services classes. RSCCD does not sell any web collected information to
third-party vendors. RSCCD only uses personal information to provide you with
the service or services you have requested.

Technology Tools and Automatic Information Collection
RSCCD may use various technology tools to gather information
about the user’s computer to provide the user with a more efficient and/or
successful web experience. The technology used may include session identifiers
or cookies. The type of information collected may include IP addresses, the
date and time web pages are accessed, as well as types of Internet browsers.
This information is stored in logs and may be used by RSCCD to analyze patterns
of usage, estimate resource needs, and discover or resolve technical issues.

Third Party Vendors
RSCCD may work with third party vendors to provide services on
our website. RSCCD takes reasonable steps to protect your personal information
from third party vendors and only releases this information to provide services
the user has requested. RSCCD partners with Versign™ to use SSL certificates
(Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption) when a secure connection is required.
Within the RSCCD district we use firewalls and database encryption. RSCCD works
hard to make sure your personal information is secure.

By using RSCCD’s web site you consent to the terms of our
Privacy Statement.

For more information regarding this privacy act notification
please direct your correspondence to
RSCCD Webmaster.



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